A­alvÝk - Hesteyri (daytrip)

On tuesdays a boat leaves Ísafjörður 9:00 am to Sæbóli in Aðalvík. The sea trip takes 1 hr.At Sæbóli there are 10-12 summer houses which are used by their owners and descendants as Aðalvík was deserted by 1952. There is a good camping site in Aðalvík and also an emergency hut. From Sæbóli the walk goes into Staðardal with Staðarkirkju and then up Fannadalir 272 m above sea level to sléttuheiði. . Then you go past Sléttuvatn down Nóngilsfjall and Bröttugötu in Hesteyri to Hesteyri. The full walk is about 11-12 km. And is walked with a guide . This is a very interesting and enjoyable walk and nothing is more beautiful then when stood upon Sléttuheiði and look out over Ísafjarðardjúp, Bolungarvík and Jökulfirði in all its splendour. Departure from Hesteyri for Ísafjörður is 17.15.

It is necessary to book this trip in advance.

Information and bookings at Vesturferðum Ísafirði tel +354 456 5111, fax +354 456 5185.