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Glatt veršur į hjalla į Hesteyri um verslunarmannahelgina
Glatt veršur į hjalla į Hesteyri um verslunarmannahelgina
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Að venju verður farin kjötsúpuferð að Hesteyri um verslunarmannahelgina eins og undanfarin ár.  Þessar ferðir hafa verið vinsælar mjög og er vissara að bóka sig sem allra fyrst hjá Vesturferðum, til þess að tryggja sér sæti með bátunum okkar.  Dagskráin verður með hefðbúnum hætti og genginn túristahringurinn undir leiðsögn, síðan er sest að snæðingi í Læknishúsinu, en þar hefur kjötsúpan engan svikið undanfarin ár.  Eftir kvöldverðinn er sest út á pall og sungið og spilað af hjartans list, en að því loknu er kveiktur varðeldur í fjörunni og gleðin heldur áfram fram eftir kvöldi.  Komið er til Ísafjarðar um eða eftir miðnætti að vanda.

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Wedding Dresses Unique Ideas For Incorporating Color In relation to wedding dresses, women follow the culture of buying a new white outfit. tea length wedding dresses But help face it, white gowns are generally boring, and the majority of brides-to-be look at garments with elaborate detailing, furnishings and wonderful lace for lots more pizzazz. However there an additional way you can make your personal dress crop up ?by incorporating coloring. While even more conventional brides-to-be may find it too avant-garde to add colour to some thing as sophisticated, pristine not to mention traditional as being a wedding dress, it really an increasingly typical trend. Contributing color may be as simple mainly because add a skinny ribbon surrounding the waist or perhaps colorful roses in your wild hair that matches any heirloom bring up your mama passed down to your account. To successfully incorporate color to your outfit, you need to know not to overload. Want to combine Victorian Lilac to your colour scheme? Then simply think of adding a nice, coming in chiffon ribbon moving down the once again of your A-line wedding outfit ?and that the item. Your gown will be a designer disaster in the event you pile on the hue. There long prom dresses 2013 is a lot associated with fun you will get when adding colors. For example the example preceding, think of intonation you can add to the dress. Do you think you're wearing Galina gorgeous and ethereal white chiffon costume, with the tasteful one-shoulder floral detail, and want to put in a little hand techinque? Think about purchasing solid colour beads of which match the particular dor of your wedding party and sewn into the blooms. Don like to alter the dress up permanently? Buy a separate floor-length chiffon get in a in contrast to color (since the delicate garb is quite mythical, see soft bright colors, similar to lavender, baby blue or light yellow). While you walk about the aisle, the slip by using show through directly below, adding a hint of elegance. But can you imagine if youe wearing a new satin A-line chapel train gown in cream color with hand made detailing not to mention neckline bend? Then think of adding a new complementary silk sash around the hips. Since the clothing is a brightness, solid colouring and has subdued detailing, selecting a rich colors, like deep blue or deeply burgundy, will make the garment really burst and split the shape without being unflattering for your figure. You can include a short sash basically goes around your own waist, or just a long one who ties in the back as well as flows along the length of your personal train. And sashes don only need to be added to a waist. You should buy a separate, sturdy color sash in addition to tie the application around your personal neckline. In case you go this route, the application recommended acquire a long sash of which flows on the length of your personal dress in the bed for optimum attractiveness. One thing to do not forget, though, sashes work best with bustier gowns. Contributing a color sash for a short sleeve or simply cap sleeve wardrobe, or dress up with complementing mini cover would be a lot of, dividing the eye between specifics. Another way from incorporating colors is through pipes, whether it affordable wedding dresses is to the dress or possibly on your veil. One example is, if you are going to make use of that striking soft white strapless clothe A-line gown, personalize it along with a color cut around the neck-line, cascading attire back plus bow (go your veil of having matching colors piping in your trim). Considering adding colouring to your slash will add dilemma to your article, stay away from shades that compare too much in the white (enjoy black, further colors, like dark yellows, purples, blues or simply vibrant colorings, like shiny yellows, greens or pinks), as it will likely make the dress seem tawdry. To add moderate drama to your gown, look towards lighter brown colours or tissue hues (imagine taupe and bravo), lighter purples (believe that lavender along with lilac) or lightweight greens (believe pistachio or peridot). Having said that, if youe dressed in a satin split-back A-line dress through beaded cuff, sprained ankle treatment and inset inside white or possibly ivory, going with a vivid color selection would work wonderfully, since the bulk of the color is usually centered inside the spilt-back of the clothes, fading on the corresponding colors inset, balancing the general composition of your gown and even enhancing it has the elegance. bridesmaid dresses If you need to incorporate tone but use want to use coloration on the gown, look towards equipment, like veils, frizzy hair clips, rose clips and even broaches. You can hose your veil having color, find an exquisite broach with tricky detailing together with translucent coloring gems, or simply wear hawaiian isle flower on your hair. These kinds of little features complement your own gown free of overshadowing its natural beauty. However, usually do not overdo it together with the accessories. Don't forget that your dress should be the bright star belonging to the ensemble.


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Wedding Dresses To Suit Your Shape From the time that they plus size dresses wedding were little girls most women have dreamed about their wedding days and what they would look like. A big part of that dream is their wedding dress. Your wedding dress is the most important dress that you will ever put on, and because of that you will want to make sure that you choose the right dress for your figure. There are many different styles of bridal gowns on the market. Sifting through all of them to find the right dress for you can be intimidating. However, there are some simple guidelines which will help you narrow down your choices. The first thing that you need to do is to determine your body shape. Take a look at yourself in a full length mirror. Really analyze your shape and decide which of the body shape categories that you fall into. The most common types of bodies are pear shaped, rectangle, and hourglass shapes. Once you know what shape you are you will then have an idea of the silhouette of wedding gowns that will suit your frame best. If you have a rectangle shaped body your hips and shoulders are the same width. Additionally, your waist is usually not well defined. Due to this you will want to look at a wedding gown with a v-shaped waist line. This hot wedding dress will add definition into your waist making you look slim. Additionally, a corseted top that creates quite a bit of structure to the bodice accompanied with a full skirt can make your body look more curvy and feminine. You will want to be sure that you steer clear of higher necklines or halter tops. These will most likely not be flattering on your shape. Pear ShapedPear shaped ladies are the most common body shape. This means that your hips are wider than your shoulders. If you are one of the thousands that have this type of figure then you will want to stay away from halter top or high necked dresses. This type of dress can actually make your hips look even bigger. Instead you will want to look at a wedding dress that is simple elegant wedding dresses strapless or has a scoop neckline. An a-lined skirt can be very flattering on your frame. Additionally, you may want to look at a dress that has some diagonal draping to it. This will help to elongate and slenderize your figure. Triangle ShapedIf you have very broad shoulders and smaller his then you have a triangle shaped frame. The good news here is that you have the frame that most top models on the runway have. With this type frame you will bridesmaid dresses want to stay away from very low cut dresses. Additionally you don't want to choose a dress that has very fancy sleeves to it. Instead focus on dresses that have a straight silhouette to them. Additionally a triangle shaped lady can look lovely with a halter topped gown. Hourglass ShapedIf you have a curvy figure a la Marilyn Monroe then you have an hourglass shape. Ladies with this shape should look at strapless on v-necked wedding gowns. Additionally, if you have a slimmer hourglass shape then you can pull off the ever popular mermaid style. This particular style will help to emphasize your va va voom shape. You will want to stay away from gathering and pleating on your skirt. This will only make your hips look bigger which is something that you want to avoid. Instead find a dress that plays up your tiny waist and feminine curves.


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