About Sjoferdir

Pleasure trips Hafsteinn and Kiddy started from nothing 18 years ago. Growth has been slow but sure, pleasure trips hafsteinn and kiddy is a typical family comapny. The father is Hafsteinn Ingolfsson professional diver. Hafsteinn started by him self but by last summer had grown from 5 full time jobs.

Hafsteinn and his wife Gudrun Kristjansdottir ( KIDDÝ) their sons and daughters in law. Pleasure trips Hafsteinn and Kiddy E.H.F. established 1998 was formerly Ísafjordur travel services. The beginning can be traced back to 1982 when Hafsteinn bought a fast fishing boat.

At this time Hafsteinn worked at an engineering company but always took a long "summer holiday" so he could go jig fishing. Maybe its in his roots from Sugandafjordur that makes him want to go to sea and be his own boss. His first boat was a small jig fishing boat called Bliki. It was a 12.ft. Flugfiskur (Flying fish) type. He launched this boat in spring 1983. There was no sea travel service in this area. Hafsteinn has always done diving work even while jig fishing he was often called to come and cut tangles from propellers, and soon people who had houses in the Djup and about started asking him to ferry them over as his boat was very fast. There was never an organized schedule, they rang he came.



5 years later (1988) Hafsteinn replaced his Flugfiskur with a larger boat, it was a Somi 800 which he also named Bliki. At this time Hafsteinn quit in the engineering factory and started working at the skiing area in seljalandsdalur. This meant he was free from the end of may until the end of autumn so he could be on sea all summer long. Also at this time there was more and more people asking to be taken over to the north side of Ísafjordur deep where most of the summer houses where or to go to rodfishing from his boat. In 1991 Hafsteinn changed boats once again. He upgraded to a Somi 900 which he also called Bliki. Because the fish quota system had been changed he did not have enough quota for the upkeep of his family. So it was very good that the passenger part was showing a strong upswing so in 1994 he decided to lengthen the boat so he could have 19 passengers on board that was when his wife, Kiddy, joined him in the running of the boat as there was to many passengers for him to ensure a good service on board by himself. Between the years 1988 - 90 there was only a few hundred passengers over the summer but then they started to increase rapidly. Also in 1994 they started to market the service in tourist booklets and advertisements.



They also made a contract with a travel agency to ferry groups of ramblers over to Hornstrandir. By the end of summer in 1996 Bliki had ferried 1500 passengers. In 1997 they bought another boat called Kiddy, which meant an extra 2 hands that year, both boats together carried 2000 passengers. Kiddy was sold last spring when their specially built passenger boat Gudrun Kristjansdottir was ready. She is 24 ton and can carry 50 passengers. Last year Bliki and Gudrun Kristjandsottir carried 4600 passengers. Two out of the family firm was on Bliki and 3 on the larger Gudrun Kristjansdottir.